Fellow Divers,
After several years of diving with you all, the time has come for the staff of Scuba Adventures to move on to bluer waters.  It’s a bittersweet time for us as we have enjoyed providing you with the best products and service available anywhere in the diving market.  As most of you know diving is our outlet from our “real” jobs but unfortunately those jobs are becoming more demanding.  Rather than see the shop provide lesser service due to our absence, we would prefer to retire the business at its peak and continue those “real” jobs until we can retire from them.  Then we can come back to the fun “job” of diving. 
In the meantime, we have a boatload of dive gear that is brand new and needs a home.  To that end we are going to reduce our already lowest prices in Nashville to a whopping 30% off.  We already beat the internet and other shops around town on price, and this just makes it bigger.  We have a number of BCD’s, masks, fins, snorkels that are just waiting for someone to hit the water with them.  Yes, we have a few computers as well, and they will see the same discount.  This 30% is storewide!  If you see it and want it, take off 30% and buy it.
Further, we are selling everything else wall to wall.  Display racks, folding chairs, tables, almost everything that you see in the shop.  If it doesn’t have a price tag on it, just ask about it if you’re interested. 
Scuba Adventures endorses our own staff instructor, Doug Dotson, as the preferred local instructor for all of your diving needs in the future.  In the remaining month of business (February), we will be happy to assist you with lining you up with him for any classes that you wish to attend.